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  • Lemon Lipo body Tune Up Op package

    Cavitation mixed with massages delivers the perfect post op ! 15 mins of cavitation 25 mins of massaging and wood sculpting A lymphatic massage is the best way to ease swelling, bruising, and discomfort after surgeries such as Liposuction or Abdominoplasty. While this detoxification process can boost immunity at any given time, it’s particularly helpful after these types of surgeries.The massage has to be a lymphatic massage to help with the fibrosis. Other massages (particularly deep tissue massages) could actually hurt you as you’re trying to heal, so it is crucial to choose a massage therapist who has the correct certifications for lymphatic massage. Some people do their own lymphatic massages post-surgery, but this can be very labor intensive.Your only job is to rest and heal. 3mint massages 1 hour 20 mins a piece with a melt detox at the end to release all toxins from the medication ; antibiotics That You Are On can sometimes cause side effects that you can solve by detoxing ! Nausea , Bloating ,cravings Etc ! Cup therapy to ensure you don’t develop fibrosis the post op care & treatment you will need in the comfort of your own home . We find it’s ever hard for clients to get to and from office visits so we offer secondary option .

  • 10 massages

    45$ posted With Posted Post op massage package With no tools black Friday posted with poise no tools massage no machine just hands : our jade stone finisher also completes this package. The jade finisher will help you dolls with post lipo recovery or tummy tuck . Jade stones play a big role in this healing compact package

  • Bay Watch

    this package covers Skin Tightening & Laser Lipo To 4 Areas Stomach , Sides , Waist , Bra Roll Area BackRolls Are not included in this package Cellulite Treatment To Things To Butt Your Choice

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  • poisebodybar ,policy,rules ,consent ,laser lipo , skin tighening ,

    Hours Of Operation monday 9am-1:30 Tuesday 9am-1:30 wed - closed thursday - 9am-1:30 friday 9am - 1:30 Saturday 9am - 1:30 sunday - 9am - 1:30 Affordable price Facts & Questions What happens to fat ? it Turns into a liquid Non-surgical cosmetic procedure Enhancements Is The Golden Ticket Opertunity for most women & Men Because Of The Many Benefits You Get without the paintful side effects . nonsurgical enhancement are becoming very popular because they require little to no downtime, present very low risk of complications, and can often be more affordable than surgery while still offering the kind of results you're seeking. Whether you want to minimize the signs of aging of hands with micro needling , give up shaving your legs come experience Booty Facial , or even change your appearance with a non- surgical cellulite reduction . or stretch mark treatment we have several non-surgical cosmetic procedures available & services . No Same Day Appointments Appointments Only No Walk Ins No Extra People No waiting Room Anymore Due To cov 19 We want to Protect You Mask Are Required During Procedure And eXiting The Building ! Deposit Due When Booking Please Call To book After 10 Mins a Late fee apply After 15 mins Your Appointment Is Canceled . No Extra People ? YOU Can Not Bring Your Friend , mom , cousin Etc . 1 Appointment = 1 person Peaceful Space & peaceful results No Kids Allowed Children Bring Germs !!! You Will Be Turned Around No Body Jewelry Panties Are Required Or You Will Not Be Serviced Lose Clothing Only WE Do Not Answer After 2pm ! We Will Assist You The Following Day Please Complete a Doll form Before Requesting To Make An Appointment ! Upcoming Events Poise Spills The Paint Body Sculpting 1101 Sat, Feb 13 3379 highway 5 set h Douglasville ga 30135 Feb 13, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM 3379 highway 5 set h Douglasville ga 30135 300$ Deposit 850$ option A includes everything option b includes vendor list united states vendor + aboard vendor llc set up - Live demo training - marketing + social media content Theory 800$ option includes no machine Guest Speakers RSVP Watch our videos on Youtube Your Welcome Packet Is Delivered When The Deposit Is Confirmed

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  • Weight Loss calendar /Sticky note

    LOSING WEIGHT IS SOMETIMES HARD . Not because we want it to be but because it is so lets make it 5 steps easier - step 1come up with 5 ways why you want to lose weight put it on a Post note 📝 step 2 then write 5 motivating words to say to yourself when you want to eat bad food or quit ! Step 3 - put your mind to The test . Write down all your favorite healthy foods next to your not so healthy foods - carbs or sugar Step 4 - put your notes on the mirror for a daily reminder Step 5-Welcome to your new way of losing weight and making this a lifestyle change

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